Adhesive Tape Converts – Why It’s Best To Avoid The Middleman

The market for bespoke adhesive products has never been larger or more readily accessible to pretty much anyone. Regardless of whether you’re looking for a quality glue for furniture manufacturing purposes, a world-class medical adhesive converter or the kind of product better-suited to auto-repair, chances are you’ll find it with a quick web search.

However, during the search process you’ll be faced with one pivotal decision which will in a single stroke slash the available options right down the middle. One choice is to buy from a third-party retailer who does business with the manufacturer, while the other is to skip the middleman and head straight for the supplier yourself. Which begs the obvious question – does it really matter? If you’re going to come out with the product you need anyway, is there really any reason why one makes a better choice than the other?

Well, the simple answer is that if you’re interested in things like quality, value for money, expert advice and convenience, there really isn’t a great deal at all to gain by buying through a middleman. The rewards that come with going straight to the source are both abundant and difficult to argue – consider the following examples as a starting point:

1 – Quality Control

The first and most immediate benefit of all is that of quality control – something that only ever comes into play when buying directly from the source. The reason being that when you buy from a third party, there’s always the chance that they will use a whole bank of different service providers along the way that will make it impossible to guarantee consistent quality of output. In addition, some resellers will sell goods on to buyers under the pretence that they’re something quite different to what they in fact are, which is another reason why buying direct matters…assuming of course quality matters to you.

2 – Value for Money

Unless you find a third-party product reseller that’s in business for charitable reasons, you can bet your bottom dollar they’re jacking up the price a little in order to turn a profit. This is really the only reason middlemen go into business and the only way they’re able to stay in business – working for free isn’t common practice in any business area these days. When you buy directly from the source, you gain access to the same products at the same price the middleman pays for thembefore adding a premium onto the price. So, for the very same products with better value for money, you’re as well going to the custom adhesive manufacturer directly.

3 – Timely Deliveries

When you order through a third party rather than going direct, you place yourself somewhat at their mercy when it comes to getting your orders processed and delivered on time. You may place your order with a hugely generous deadline and they may promise to meet it, but if they decide to inject any kind of delays into the equation or one of their suppliers makes a hash of things, the only party that suffers is you – the buyer. By contrast, when you go straight to the source it’s a much simpler one-to-one ordering and fulfilment process that’s vastly less likely to bring about delays.

4 – Problem Resolution

With a bit of luck there will be no problems that need to be addressed at any time, but should you find yourself in a position where you need to either report a problem or make a complaint, doing so via a third party is massively inconvenient. This way, you’re basically just relating your message and indeed your frustration via another party who may or may not pass it on correctly and in a timely manner. If you deal directly with the adhesive manufacturer however, you’re never more than a phone call away from a listening ear.

5 – Priceless Consultancy

Last but not least, it’s all well and good for a third-party seller to get hold of the products you need at the right price, but what about when it comes to asking for expert advice? Will they have a clue what they’re talking about, or will they tell you pretty much anything just to close the sale and make a quick buck or two? When you go to a third-party seller, you immediately and permanently sacrifice the priceless consultancy and guidance of the actual brand that’s making the bespoke adhesive products you’re buying, which considering the fact that you’re also paying more money for the same products really doesn’t make a great deal of sense at all.

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