An Overview of the Specialist Services Moving Firms Offer

In America, the moving industry is well developed. The standard of service offered is very high especially from the 3,200 firms that are members of The American Moving & Storage Association’s. The firms in this trade association offer a high standard of service and often offer specialist services. A good example of an AMSA member that goes the extra mile are Moovers Inc, who are movers from Pittsburg, CA¬†.


Sometimes it is not possible for people to move straight into their new home. In this situation, using a moving firm that offers secure storage as one of their extra services is especially helpful.

The expertise to move delicate items

Delicate items such as pianos or antiques require specialist knowledge and skills to move safely to a new location. These items have to be packaged and handled differently. Only certain moving firms have good enough insurance policies to cover these items properly.

Apartment or Condominium Service

If you are moving into or out of an apartment or condominium, it is always worth looking for a firm who specializes in offering this kind of moving service.


Moving abroad is especially tricky. Everything needs to be specially packed in order to survive the long journey. Customs also have to be dealt with.


If a company is moving to new premises, they will have to move a lot of fragile and expensive equipment to move. Usually, they have to complete the move in less than a day, so the move does not disrupt their business too much.

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