Designing Products for Extreme Applications

Those businesses that need to manufacture any product for extreme applications will need to make sure that they have the right material for the job. However, whilst many will choose to utilise metal for such products, the weight and cost involved may mean that the product in question is not as efficient as it should be or simply not as suitable for use as it could be.

However, using engineering plastics – which will be the most suitable solution for many instances – can throw up its own set of issues, and businesses will have to make sure that they find the right supplier and know exactly how these plastics will react to temperature, stress and moisture before creating products accordingly.

It is not only choosing the right plastic that will be important, but those businesses manufacturing such products will need to understand how the dimensions of the plastic might change during manufacture or use to ensure they end up with accurate final dimensions.

From the machining of parts to the packaging of the final product, each and every area will need focussed thought to ensure that the final product is precisely to spec, and whilst many companies consider the stresses put on components once in use, far fewer remember the changes that can occur during manufacture and even transit.

Talking to plastic suppliers will not only help you find the right materials for each individual product, but they will also be able to advise you how best to machine and transport those said materials to ensure they end up conforming to the exact specification you require.

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