Quantity Surveyors and Your Renovation

It is often erroneously assumed that quantity surveyors are only really needed for those undertaking a brand new building project. Those expanding any premises or renovating a property will often try to go it alone, assuming that, with a lower workload and less financial considerations to take into account, quality quantity surveyors will be far less important.

However, there can be just as much potential for error in a renovation as there can be with a new build and whilst the cost implications might not be quite as severe should a renovation get out of control, the problems caused by running out of money or overstretching oneself can still be extremely significant.

As such, the right cost management services will be as important to a major renovation as they will be to any other building job, and not only might they stop you going over budget but they may also simply allow you to come in under budget and even save yourself time and hassle during the process.

Getting a very accurate idea of how much a renovation will cost will not be easy and whilst certain individuals might be able to estimate certain costs for you, understanding how these costs will sit together or effect each other and how corners may be able to be cut for the best is not going to be possible without an overall awareness of construction costs and schedules.

As such, without the right quantity surveying services, even a seemingly simple renovation may end up getting completely out of control.

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