Things to Consider when Designing Custom ID Cards


Identification cards perform a very important function in any environment that is considered sensitive or off limits to the general public. Un-authorised personnel entering restricted areas can obviously cause a whole raft of problems, violating health and safety legislation etc, endangering themselves and those around them.

Although identification cards perform a very practical function, there is still room for some customisation in their design. Here are some tips:

It is relatively easy to design identification cards that carry some form of logo. Adding a logo can perform several functions, it means they are less likely to get lost, it adds continuity between all your various media, merchandise and equipment and it simply improves the aesthetic of the card.

Designing a custom id card can obviously be time consuming, also, what exactly should go on the card? To make the design of these cards a little easier you might use an id cards template, this ensures you’re including all the information on the card that is required for them to be functional.

Approaching an ID card design company is often a good idea, because they will be able to offer a versatile approach to card design. For instance, you may be able to use both sides of the card, perhaps including a mission statement or contact details on the reverse.

Obviously, you’ll need unique identifiable features too. It is common to include a photograph of the employee but you might also include additional security features such as a barcode.

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