UK Firms Encouraged To Broaden Export Horizons

When companies need to move dangerous goods around, they must ensure they source the relevant UN approved packaging. This can help them to get their products from A to B intact and without incident. It is also crucial from a legal perspective. The authorities take lapses in risk management very seriously and can come down heavily on organisations that are discovered to have flouted the rules.

Thankfully for firms, it is now straightforward to access suitable dangerous goods packing. By heading online, managers can take their pick from an impressive range of packaging solutions.

These resources are particularly important when companies are involved in the export of products to far-flung destinations. With this in mind, demand for high-quality packaging may be about to rise in Britain.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph recently, foreign secretary William Hague said he wants exporters to trade with a wider variety of emerging markets. He said that the government will continue to promote exports to Brazil, Russia, India and China (Bric), but it will also help companies to expand across Asia, Africa and Latin America.

He remarked: “So far the biggest expansion of our diplomatic network with a view to promoting this country’s prosperity has been in India and China. We’re not taking anything away from the Brics, but we have to remember that there’s huge growth in the world economy in other countries and tremendous trade prospects.”

The politician made his remarks ahead of a trip to South Korea, Mongolia and Japan. The tour was part of a broader effort to raise awareness of potential trade opportunities elsewhere across the globe. About the nations, Mr Hague said: “All these countries exemplify in different ways the British opportunities overseas.”

He went on to note that the government is providing help to firms that want to exploit opportunities abroad. On this subject, the politician stated: “The assistance is now there, that’s the message. All our embassies overseas are charged with promoting British exports around the world. [UK Trade & Investment] is doing an ever more effective job, the British Chambers of Commerce are creatively funding in the countries concerned.”

“We are opening up to 20 new embassies and consulates and strengthening the commercial focus and staffing of many other existing embassies to make sure British businesses can make use of those connections all over the world.”

Mr Hague added that while Europe will always be a big part of Britain’s export market, it is a “declining share”. UK firms have to do more all around the world, he claimed.

Exporting to markets overseas can make great business sense. However, there are a series of logistical issues for companies to bear in mind. Top of their agenda should be safety, and this is why hazardous materials packaging is so important.

Organisations that are involved in the movement of dangerous goods and that fail to access suitable packaging can suffer a range of ill-effects, and they also place people, property and the environment at unnecessary risk of harm.

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