What are the Differences between Manual and Powered Material Handling Equipment?

Whether you’re looking for lifting equipment for your warehouse or your stockroom you have plenty of options. Broadly speaking you can opt for powered equipment or manual equipment. Each solution has its own advantages and disadvantages:

Manual Material Handling Equipment

Manual equipment might not be able to lift weights as heavy as powered equipment, not by a long chalk; however they still have some benefits. They are typically much cheaper than powered options, with many being less than £300. Another big advantage with manual options is that they are easier to use, although they are still heavy duty so care needs to be taken.

Powered lifting equipment

Powered lifting equipment comes in two flavours, semi-powered and full powered. The benefits of semi powered options are that they tend to be easier to use than fully powered options and require the minimum of checks.

Full powered lifting equipment is the king in terms of weights that it is able to lift. It is ideal in warehouses where there is a greater need to lift heavier weights of a few thousand kg. As you might imagine, they are inherently more dangerous and require more checks and training.

Lifting equipment can enhance the functionality of workspaces in lots of different ways, and there are several options so you’re bound to find something that works for you.

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