At What Point Can You Claim for Personal Injuries?

 Furthermore, the timescale can be even more confusing and many people are not aware at what point they can start the process of making a claim after an incident has occurred. As such, the best approach will be to consult a personal injury lawyer and use their expertise to gauge whether or not you have a case. This will even allow you to ask ’how much is my claim worth?’

Returning to the question of when, the simple answer is the sooner, the better. However, you may want to look at getting a medical check up first so you can be sure exactly what injuries you are claiming for and that you have medical proof for your injury lawyer to present to the party at fault should it be needed.

The more information and proof you have at your disposal, the better, and getting a medical check up may also simply allow you to get the best treatment right from the start and also ensure that certain injuries do not get missed. It is not uncommon for individuals to sustain serious injuries without even knowing about them until much further down the line when small knocks or shocks suddenly exacerbate the original injury, leading to long and complicated problems.

In terms of timescale, it is never too early to start a claim, but it may well be too late. As a rule, individuals will have three years from the date of the accident in which to settle their claim or for court proceedings to be issued. After this, it may well not be possible to claim any compensation whatsoever, no matter how serious the incident in question was. One time this may differ is in the case of children. Whilst the three-year rule will still apply here, the three years will commence from the date of their 18th birthday instead of the date of the accident, thus giving parents the right to allow their children to make their own choice about pursuing a claim once they reach maturity.

There are other exceptions to the rule, and in the case of illness or industrial accidents, this three-year period will not commence until the claimant has knowledge of the condition (in other words, once they receive a diagnosis from a doctor). The few exceptions may not be easy to prove or indeed meet the set criteria and so, it will always be best to start the claims process sooner rather than later.

As such, the timescales for claiming may vary a certain amount, and there may be even more specific laws governing very unique incidents (including those experienced on an aircraft). As such, those looking for accident compensation in the UK will be best off referring their own unique case to a skilled and experience personal injury lawyer who will be best placed to give them a much more detailed timescale and help them to understand the best approach to making a claim based on their own unique injuries and circumstances.

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