How to Avoid Car Accidents

Because of the devastation they can cause, it stands to reason that many people would do everything they possibly could to reduce their chances of being in a car accident. Of course, many car accidents are caused by the actions of another person and in this case then the victims of the accident may have the right to make a road accident claim.

However, it is the responsibility of every road user to use the road as safely as possible and follow various rules to minimise the chance of being in an accident.

1. Be Alert

Many accidents occur as the result of the driver being distracted. Starting a journey well rested and alert and making regular breaks to stay that way can reduce the chances of becoming distracted.

2. Regular Training

Whilst many people need several lessons before passing their test, for many people their education ends there. However, regular lessons which could rid them of bad habits and sharpen their awareness of newer legislation could make a large difference.

3. Vehicle Maintenance

A further common cause of road traffic collisions is fault to a vehicle. Of course, many faults happen with little or no warning and the best a driver can do is to try and minimise the effects. However, regular maintenance and checking over of the vehicle could help to pinpoint a potential problem before it has the chance to become dangerous.

4. See and Be Seen

One of the many reasons why car accidents are statistically more likely to happen at night is because of poor headlight use. Too much can be just as dangerous as too little so whilst the driver should be able to see the road and surroundings, they shouldn’t dazzle other drivers either.

5. Distractions

Whether the distraction comes from a child, another passenger, an animal or loud music, there is a time and a place.

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