Three Reasons To Take Construction Courses

The construction industry is fraught with challenges. In an attempt to equip professionals to overcome these challenges, there is a raft of construction courses that are available. Taking any course requires an investment of time and money, but are they really worth it? Here are three reasons why construction health and safety courses are a […]

What Does a Travel Clinic Do?

These days the average family is globe-trotting. Since the cost of air travel plummeted in the 70’s, the general public has taken to the air, not just to visit those well trodden sun traps like Spain, but to head further afield, to Africa or South America.This is great, and no-one would deny that being able […]

Making Health And Safety Compliance Easier

Over recent decades, the rate of injury among workers has been declining thanks to sustained efforts among firms and the authorities. This is hugely welcome, as it means fewer people are suffering as a result of accidents. However, meeting the necessary standards when it comes to protecting worker safety is not necessarily easy for bosses.