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Nickel Market Outlook

The nickel market is an international one, and very small events can have a major effect on the cost of nickel across the world. With the market having faced many issues over the past few years, the future may still seem very uncertain on the surface but, fortunately, recent stability has made it easier for […]

Quantity Surveyors and Your Renovation

It is often erroneously assumed that quantity surveyors are only really needed for those undertaking a brand new building project. Those expanding any premises or renovating a property will often try to go it alone, assuming that, with a lower workload and less financial considerations to take into account, quality quantity surveyors will be far […]

Things to Consider when Designing Custom ID Cards

Identification cards perform a very important function in any environment that is considered sensitive or off limits to the general public. Un-authorised personnel entering restricted areas can obviously cause a whole raft of problems, violating health and safety legislation etc, endangering themselves and those around them.

How to Transport Abnormal Loads

You might have a requirement to transport an abnormal load. The nature of this load might be very idiosyncratic, i.e. abnormal. For example, you might require t transport a modular building, or a load that is particularly heavy.

Warehouse Organisation Tips

Although warehouse spaces might be large this doesn’t mean that they won’t become disorganized. Thankfully, there are lots of things you can do to either ensure your warehouse doesn’t become disorganized in the first place or to reverse disorganization.

What are the Differences between Manual and Powered Material Handling Equipment?

Whether you’re looking for lifting equipment for your warehouse or your stockroom you have plenty of options. Broadly speaking you can opt for powered equipment or manual equipment. Each solution has its own advantages and disadvantages:

How Regularly Should You Clean Office Windows?

When it comes to the question of how often windows should be cleaned, the answer is not a straightforward one, and one that will depend on many factors. One of the main considerations is personal preference, which may also be tied to the issue of budget. If you want your windows crystal clear then you […]

The Benefits of Outsourcing Office Cleaning

  Choosing to outsource office cleaning may seem like an added expense when you can get employees to tidy up after themselves, but it professional cleaning services have a proven track record for increasing efficiency and saving businesses money. Not only does will in-house cleaning distract staff what they should be doing – and are […]

Choosing the Most Environmentally Friendly Plastics

Plastics are often seen as excellent practical materials, but materials that are a nightmare to recycle. And whilst certain plastics may be harder to dispose of than some allegedly environmentally friendly options, there will still be plenty of options available that get manufacturers the best of both worlds, combining excellent practical attributes with great environmental […]