Understanding The Service Charge Amount

One of the responsibilities of a block property management Manchester company will be to collect service charges. Sometimes, this can lead to a leasehold valuation tribunal as some lessees might question the reasonableness of the service charge amount. But what exactly is a service charge? And how is the amount of the service charge calculated?

Tips for Choosing a Managing Agent

Where there is a block of flats there is a need for block management. A managing agent will handle things like collecting the service charge, maintenance of the block and dealing with the complaints of lessees. It is important, therefore that when you’re looking for block management North West you choose a company with a […]

Employment Contracts Become Even More Confusing

Recent changes to the Growth and Infrastructure Bill could potentially make employment contracts even more confusing for those involved in the process of agreeing terms between employers and employees. If the bill is enacted, employees could be offered shares within the company they work for in exchange for giving up certain rights, a scenario which […]

The Benefits of ID Badge Lanyards in the Workplace

 With security being a top priority for many businesses, ensuring that those on any site or premises can prove that they should indeed be there remains extremely important, even in an age of access control and facial recognition technology. One way to ensure all staff are quickly and easily recognisable is to introduce ID badge […]

What To Look For When Outsourcing To A Specialist Transport Company

 If you have an abnormal load to move then you will most likely need to outsource to a specialist transport service. Specialist transport services will be able to move various different kinds of loads that are considered “abnormal” i.e. traditionally difficult to move. The nature of these loads includes everything from moving modular buildings to […]