Getting More Value from a Garden Space

If you’re lucky enough to own a garden then the chances are you’ll only really appreciate it at certain time of year. In the winter time the closest you get to your garden might be peering through the curtains on a dour and blustery way. However, a garden space can add value all through the […]

Making Garden Offices Work for You

In your quest to create office space that is more functional, more private and more aesthetic you might have decided to install a garden office. Garden offices are great for use as professional areas for all sorts of reasons; not least they are very private, being set apart from the rest of the home. However, […]

Designer tiles for bathroom are a must

A tired and drab bathroom lets a property down. People expect more these days from the smallest room in the house. They want a luxurious feel and fresh contemporary designs. A revamped bathroom gives the whole place a lift. Getting it right is all about attention to detail and not cutting corners during any aspect […]

Designer bathroom tiles help to achieve that contemporary look

It’s amazing just how much a revamp in the bathroom can change the tone and desirability of a property. It’s one of the most important features of any home. Prospective buyers and tenants will always scrutinise the bathroom. It can make or break a deal. A tired and drab space just won’t do. These days […]

Popular 4×4 All-Terrain Vehicles for Youth in India

Adventure sports have been gaining momentum in India for the past few years, and now, buying an ATV is a dream within reach for most of the adventure seeking youth. Consequently, we’ve seen the launch of a number of adventure-sports related activities across the country.

Correct installation of biosafety cabinets is critical

Today, biological safety cabinets are used in many different scientific and medical arenas in tissue culture laboratories handling infectious and hazardous materials. There are three types of cabinet, with Class I protecting the operator from contamination and Class II and III providing additional protection to the environment.The most widely used is the Class II cabinet, […]