Campus Fire Safety Campaign

Although many fire fighters might have received their training in specially built situations such as an aircraft fire training simulator, the chances are that many students have not. In fact, the students’ first time on campus or living in halls may be their first time of living away from the family home and being responsible for themselves. As a result of this, they may not be particularly knowledgeable in terms of fire safety. However, a new campaign to be rolled out nationally is aiming to combat this, with local fire services going out to college campuses with the aim of educating the new and existing students in fire safety and avoidance.

Using a variety of small equipment such as smoke alarms as well as much larger demonstrations with specialist tech such as fire department burning buildings, the aim of the first of these demonstrations was to educate the students in the dangers that they might not be aware of.

It is estimated that between 1980 and 2011 the amount of fires on college campuses has increased by 18%.

As part of the first wave of the demonstrations, a dorm room was set on fire in a controlled experiment with the students being shown firstly how rescues with the aid of fire training towers would take place but secondly how they could prevent these from happening and minimise their risk if this were to happen.

The first of the events was held at Gray College, with Residence Hall Director Steven Kendrick commented on the importance of the events. He discussed that “since there are many flammable objects in dorm rooms, preparing students for fire hazards is important”, whilst John Gallo the campuses’ manager of fire safety said that the “program was implemented to help reduce the amount of cooking related fires, specifically unattended cooking fire alarms.”

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