Providing Treatment To The Incurable With Bone Marrow Transplant

It was in 1968 that the very first bone marrow transplanted had been performed successfully, considered to be a major landmark in medical science. This treatment has proved to be a revolutionary and miraculous medical procedure which has been providing patients suffering from several types of diseases including cancer to get second lease of life. The diseases which were previously assumed to be incurable can now be provided effective and timely treatment with bone marrow transplant. Different types of life threatening diseases like leukemia, a plastic anemia, immune deficiency disorders, breast cancer, etc. can be treated effectively.

With this type of transplantation, it has become possible to cure patients in huge numbers every year, suffering from non-malignant and malignant diseases. But still, there are several patients unable to receive such patients due to lack of compatible donor. Checking out with the hospitals for bone marrow transplant in India can help the person to get relief from the disease that he suffers from.

Details about bone marrow transplant

The flexible or spongy tissue present within the bone interiors is what is called bone marrow. This is located within the bigger sized bones like the spine, hips and breast bones where it is known to generate new blood cells like red blood cells, platelets and white blood cells.

Patients suffering from diseases like aplastic anemia, leukemia or other types of immune deficiency disorders, marrow stem cells are said to generate abnormal blood cells which hinder normal blood cell production. The diseased marrow during the transplant produces abnormal blood cells. Getting treatments like radiation and chemotherapy helps to destroy it and gets replaced with a healthy marrow. The latter then is known to replace the dysfunctional marrow which existed within the boney cavities. It produces healthy blood cells. The treatment once successful can provide complete cure to the patients suffering from the disease. But the time taken for the marrow that has been transplanted to perform its intended functions at optimum level is about a year or so. The patient during this time period is required to undergo several checkups to identify occurrence of any complications.

Bone marrow transplantation related expenses

Generally, bone marrow transplantation is regarded to be an expensive treatment procedure, requiring investment of thousands of dollars. There are several insurance providers who do not offer full insurance for such transplantations. The treatment cost depends upon the transplant type that has been received by the patient. For example, the autologous transplant expenses is quite less when compared to Syngeneic or Allogeneic transplant. The latter is undertaken when the patient has donated earlier his own stem cells to undergo the transplantation procedure. The autologous type is considered to be one, where the patient receives stem cells from any unrelated donor or from a family member. In case of syngeneic transplant, the stem cells donated by the person are to be the patient’s identical twin. The best bone marrow transplant hospitals in India make sure that excellent medical facilities are offered to the patients.

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