Popular Website To Buy Mattresses In Canada

To lead a healthy and prosperous life three things are very important for that. First is good food, fresh air and sound sleep of about 6-7 hours in the night. For that mattresses need to be very much comfortable and soft enough to provide a sound sleep at night. So, now getting sound sleep at night in Canada is very simple because you just need to order the mattresses on the website to get delivered into your home to receive its benefits and to have a nice and peaceful sleep at night without any scope of disturbances or irritation.

Sleep country:-

Sleep Country Canada is one of the most leading brands in the mattresses segment in Canada. It was founded in the year 1944 by Christine Magee in Canada. They currently have 235 stores all around Canada. They believe in the philosophy that better tomorrow starts tonight. They are providing sound sleep opportunity to millions of people in Canada over the decades. They have a wide range of Mattresses collection starting from the lifestyle bases, pillows, duvets, headboards, frames and Mattress protectors. They are very transparent in delivering their duty so if anyone requires sleep country customer service phone number they can contact from their website of them.


It is founded in the year 2007 a 10-year-old company but has gained a lot of fame within a very small span of time. They have also the winner of Best Mattresses manufacturer due to the use of Bio-pur memory foam. It performs two important functions firstly it allows air to pass through the foam which keeps it cool and comfortable and secondly it quickly allows the foam to bounce back faster when you change the sleeping positions at night. Thus it ensures complete sound and comfortable sleep at night.

Leesa sleep:-

It is one of the most renowned mattress brands in Canada. It was founded in the year 2014 with its headquarters located in Virginia Beach. In the year 2015, it has raised $9million from the private firm. It is growing at a very fast pace to deliver the best quality sleep to their customers in Canada. The main aim is to transform the mattresses segment to an advanced one. They are expanding their market in USA, UK, and Canada to develop the market of Canadian mattresses segment. In the year of 2016, they have opened up their first retail store. They were awarded as the Top 20 start-ups in 2016 by Forbes.

That is the reason why the night sleep has become so much comfortable all around the world. As top brands of the world catering their best services to their customers with advanced technologies to keep a pain free sleep. So, Sleep country customer service phone number is on a very high demand. As they follow a very transparent policy with their customers each and every time to interact with them for solving the problems of their customers on a long-term basis.

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