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What To Look Out For When Approaching An Accident Claim Helpline?

Accident claim helplines, otherwise known as advice lines, are telephone lines operated by law firms which anybody can call for legal advice and claims advice. They are provided with only the best intention; to help people get better informed about their legal rights following an accident, and to help people get the justice that they […]

At What Point Can You Claim for Personal Injuries?

 Furthermore, the timescale can be even more confusing and many people are not aware at what point they can start the process of making a claim after an incident has occurred.

How to Avoid Car Accidents

Because of the devastation they can cause, it stands to reason that many people would do everything they possibly could to reduce their chances of being in a car accident. Of course, many car accidents are caused by the actions of another person and in this case then the victims of the accident may have […]

What Do I Need To Get My Wife/husband/partner Into The Uk

For those moving to the UK for work, it can be difficult to sort out visa requirements for yourself, regardless of bringing in a partner; how you get a visa for your partner, whether means a wife, husband, or a non married partner, will depend on your own visa status, and more general rules on […]

How Do Compensation Amounts Vary?

If you suffer personal injury at the hands of someone else, e.g. your place of work, then you can seek compensation. The compensation claimed can be an important tool aiding your recovery, as well compensating you for loss of earnings, psychological damage etc.